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Ask the Expert Series

As the info blocking compliance deadline approaches, our “Ask the Expert” series will feature posts on compliance preparedness and implications of the rule. Each post is shaped by a conversation with an expert in the industry.

How and why did the info blocking rule evolve?

When Genevieve Morris was appointed in 2017 as the Principal Deputy National Coordinator for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), ONC had been charged with writing a rule to address the interoperability and patient access provisions of the Cures Act. Morris played an integral role in the drafting of the rule. In this week’s post, she shares with us some background information about how the rule evolved and what policymakers hope it will achieve.


What does the OpenNotes movement have to do with info blocking?

Are you prepared for patients to read that they’re “SOB”? (Short of breath, that is, but you can see how it could lead to a misunderstanding). In this week’s post, physician informaticist Craig Joseph, MD, shares why clinicians should consider what increased note sharing means for them and their patients, and why they may want to change some of their documentation practices.


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